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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Installing the Labtec Keyboard-Desktop Software

I recently bought a Labtec Internet Keyboard.
Installing the software (version 1.0) for the keyboard (quick-launch-buttons) was a real nightmare.
On the installation screen I was unable to select a language, pressing the Next button twice produced a messagebox telling me the drive I ran the installation from, followed by a nice error:

I mailed the helpdesk, a friendly guy replied that same day, but his solution didn't work. So I did some testing myself and found a working solution:

- Copy the setup files to your harddisk
- Edit the appropriate
Setup.P(OS), depending on the OS you're using (for example Setup.PXP for Windows XP)
- In this ini-file, the value for
Product Name is empty
- Set the value of this key to the same value of the
Product Company key (Labtec Keyboard-Desktop Software)
Save this file
- Happy installing!

I mailed this solution to Labtec, so I hope this bug is fixed in the next release.


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