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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Application lost after a crash of the Windows Explorer

If you're experimenting a lot like I do, Windows Explorer hangs once in a while. Killing and restarting the process mostly does the trick. The disadvantage is that some programs are 'lost'. The icon in the system tray has disappeared and the application itself is invisible. The quickest way to solve this is by logging off and on. But sometimes you can't log off because one of your programs is performing a task you don't want to cancel.
I've written a little application that enumerates all window-handles found in Windows (didn't know there were so many hidden windows...). You can search for a specific Window and make that Window visible (your program is visible again).
This little program (Show Hidden Windows) can be downloaded from
http://blog.khsw-be.net/Download.asp?f=4 and is completely free to use. Be careful, Windows might hang when you want to show certain windows.


  • hehehe, very usefull tool !, hit the wrong shit (background window of avir prog) and had a total system freeze

    but very usefull tool....

    did i mention that i found it usefull?


    By Blogger Bart Bultinck, at 9:56 PM  

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