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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

VDS Computing

It's a long time since I've updated my blog... At the end of this month they should start building our house. The last weeks I've been quite busy doing some thinking, arguing, preparing, discussing, ...

I also quit my job at Dolmen after 7 years because I was tired of the daily traffic jams. Dolmen is a great company to work for, but with many customers in Brussels. I spend about 12 hours in my car every week... Since my wife is pregnant (14 weeks for now), it's nice to have a job close to home. And I did find a job close to home, very close, about 2 kilometers (1,25 miles). As from 2 october, I'm working for VDS Computing in Lokeren.

Currently I'm preparing a demo for the 'Ready for a new event' next month using Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007...


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