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Thursday, October 07, 2004


Recently I discovered some spyware on my PC thanks to my Sygate Personal firewall. I have completely no idea how it got on my system.
So I decided to write a little program that would alert me whenever an exe-file or a dll is created on my system-drive.
The program itself runs in the system tray and popups a Messenger-like alert-window to tell which exe or dll has been created. This window inherits from the NotificationWindow of the Visual Basic .NET Power Pack (I needed some extra properties and events).
Clicking this message-window will take you to the folder where the file resides. Right-click the tray icon to change the language (English or Dutch), or to view or clear the logfile.
You can also open the logfile by doubleclicking on the tray icon.
The tray icon will blink if a popup-window is claused automatically (after 10 seconds), meaning you have to check the log.
This program will automatically load with Windows.

kHSwFileSystemWatcher can be downloaded for free http://blog.khsw-be.net/Download.asp?f=3.


  • I have uploaded a new version today (16/10/2004).
    Things that have been changed in version 1.1:
    - Clearing the logfile will stop the blinking of the tray icon.
    - Clicking the popup-window will popup a question to delete the file. Clicking Yes will delete it, clicking No will open the containing folder. Clicking Cancel will just close the window (this is also the default button).

    By Blogger kHSw, at 11:05 AM  

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